Monday, 9 January 2012

Frog Prince

I really am loving making these Farmers Wife sampler blocks. My favourite so far is probably this one, which is called Star of Hope, or by me, Frog Prince:

I love the Prince Charming range by Tula Pink, and this Frog Prince fabric is the only piece I own. It was almost painful cutting into it, but I love the block with the frog in, and think the darker triangles are kinda like a crown.

I've done another two blocks too, Basket Weave:

And Bat Wing:

I've got some bits cut up for the next one, but really should get on and do other things. It's hard when they are so much fun to make!


suzitee said...

LOL...addicted much? These blocks look great Hope, and your Frog Prince is gorgeous (as much as I detest frogs!).

potatorock92 said...

LOL, the middle one looks like a swastika... your really creative, awesome work!!