Saturday, 7 January 2012

Hello Mrs Farmer

I wasn't going to cave in. I had plenty of other things on the go, so didn't need a sampler quilt to add to them, but I was finally convinced by Susan and her beautiful Rose Parade blocks that I had to get the Farmers Wife Sampler Quilt book and sew my own little blocks.

I am using Rose Parade by Moda, and adding some other fabrics I've got laying around. I just finished my first one earlier today. Here it is, Attic Windows:

I used Rose Parade in the middle only, but it's there. The Eiffel tower triangles should have probably been put on their opposite corners. As it is, the only complete towers are upside down. It doesn't worry me enough at the moment to bother changing it though.

So many more to do! Kinda exciting. :)

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suzitee said...

SOOOOOOO excited that you are joining in! Your first block is lovely, and the addition of the Eiffel Tower fabric is perfect!'ve started! Bring on the next block!