Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Introducing Purple

I decided this week to add a bit of purple to the mix of colours in my blocks, and so we have Box:

I don't like to cut up regular polkadots or stripes or checks or any of that sort of thing, and have them join in an odd way, so instead of two triangles of purple for each purple section, I did it in one piece.

The second block, Contrary Wife:

This should have been really quick, but I had to unpick two rows, because after going along just fine sewing three rows, I then sewed the bottom row to the top, didn't notice when I pressed it, and proceeded to sew the top row to the bottom. I debated leaving it, but preferred the 'correct' layout, so unpicked and re-sewed. Oh well, it may teach me to pay attention.

Of course I was doing it between various parts of cooking a roast, so was a bit distracted, and in particular my Yorkshire puddings had me quite distracted indeed, they turned out so well. Here's a pic, 'cause they deserve a pic, 'cause they were good. :)

And another one, just because:

And now, I'm hungry!

1 comment:

suzitee said...

Yeah thanks ... now I'm hungry too :)
The addition of purple really amps up the other colours- an inspired addition! Your blocks are coming along beautifully.