Sunday, 19 February 2012


No sewing or crafting this week, but lots of camping. I thought I'd put a few of the critter photos on here. Over the 6 days we saw kangaroos, fairy wrens (with the males decked out in their finest blue feathers, fading though I think), lots of other birds, 3 emus cooling down in a big puddle, a fox, a dingo or wild dog (not sure which, it was watching me cook my morning bacon), a deer and fawn, a snake, lizards galore,  tadpoles, and Mum and Dad saw a brumby. I think that's it. Unfortunately the camera was not always at the ready, but here are a few pictures we were lucky enough to get.

 I swear this little bird was posing.

 This butterfly was upside down, on the tow hitch part of our car, so I've rotated the pictures. It wouldn't open its wings long enough for a good picture, but the markings are pretty either side. 

 One of many little lizards

 Superb fairy wren, and lucky for us, mating time. 

And this made our hearts beat somewhat faster, and Martin jump a couple of feet in the air when I said "Snake" and he thought it was in the tent flap he was unrolling, not on the ground half a metre away from him, at the corner of the tent. The snake was not interested in us, it just slid away. I managed to grab a camera just in time. 

When we got back home to the lawn mower and then whipper snipper noise from next door, I just wanted to go bush again. 

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suzitee said...

Great photos Hope! Sounds like you had a refreshing break away... it's a shame to return to reality sometimes.