Saturday, 17 March 2012

Cats and Mice

I just finished another Farmers Wife Sampler block, and managed to photograph it before the thick grey cloud took over the sky. Here is block 17, Cats and Mice:

I am hoping the colour shows correctly in the photo. For some reason when I photograph pink, it often comes up red on the monitor. I adjusted it in Photoshop Elements to be pink, so it should be right now.

Fortunately, this went together pretty well, with a just a little bit of unpicking. I didn't get all the points perfect, but I'm so tired it honestly isn't bothering me at the moment.

I'm thinking I will go back to doing them in order for a while. The next two are very straight forward, so that is kind of motivating my decision. ;)

1 comment:

suzitee said...

Sounds like a plan Hope :) Love the black and hot pink together...very striking!