Sunday, 4 March 2012

Paris in the Springtime

I can't say I recall that many flowers in Paris in the Springtime, but then I think it was more the buildings I was paying attention to. One of these blocks certainly had me thinking of Paris and Spring though, with the Eiffel Tower print and the beautiful aqua floral. 

I have had a good weekend for sewing, taking a leaf from the book of Suzitee and choosing some quicker blocks to complete. Two blocks were also made faster because of a little short-cut - I sewed strips together then cut, saving so much time. As a bonus there is actually a bit of sporadic sunshine today, so it's been a good weekend altogether.

Here we have, from yesterday, Streak of Lightning:

and Snowball:

And today's effort, Railroad:

I may have to do another group shot soon, they're building up again.


suzitee said...

Gorgeous! The only thing about choosing the easy blocks is...then you're left with the hard ones LOL! I may have to stop making them before I reach that point :)
Another group shot would be great.

chicken lover said...

I've just been looking at all your FW blocks they are all gorgeous and so neat. Do you paper piece them? :)

Hope said...

Thank you :) None are paper pieced, I am just very fussy and very careful, and quite willing to unpick till I get it right.