Sunday, 15 April 2012

Max and Whiskers - Done and Gifted

I have just this past hour finished my three-year-old nephew's Max and Whiskers single-bed quilt. I am really pleased with it and though I went through most of the process wanting to keep it for myself, in the end I couldn't wait to give it to him.

It is thanks to my niece I suppose that this change in position came about. She rediscovered the quilt I made her before she was even born, loved it and immediately wanted it on her bed. My poor nephew was, by all reports, quite upset that he didn't have one of his own till his mum assured him that I was making him one.

His reaction when I gave it to him today, pretty much as soon as the last thread end was sewn it, was all I could have hoped for and made me very pleased indeed to give it away.

So, another finish! Yay!

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suzitee said...

Now THAT'S the sort of response you were looking for :) How could he not love it...what a beautiful job you've done. The quilting looks amazing! Congratulations...another WIP off the list!