Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Spectacular Sky

I get up at 5.40am every weekday, and now that the clocks have changed there is a little perk. This sky is what greeted me when I opened the curtains. Normally it would just be darkness. I rushed out and took several photos. Look at those colours!

Oh, and I made a card yesterday. Copycatcards, which I used to participate in ages ago, has started up again on Facebook. The theme was heart, red, bling. I had about four attempts at this card. I had the idea in my head but couldn't get it to work on paper as I saw it in my head. :( I had kept adding to the previous versions, and ruining them. This one seems a little under-dressed to me I think, but I'm calling it done. It is wider than it appears in the photo, but I took it at an angle to catch the glittery 'bling'.

I may, or may not, revisit the idea in the future. I do like those little robots.

1 comment:

suzitee said...

Wooohooo for playing in Copycatcards again! Loving this one...simple is good :)
There have to be some benefits to getting out of bed that early in the morning! Your photo is gorgeous.