Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Hello Luscious

My niece is turning 5 at the end of June, and since I just gave her little brother a single bed quilt for his birthday, it seemed best to give her one too.

I chose a layer cake of Hello Luscious by Basic Grey, but stuck to the pinks and blues, since she told me recently that she doesn't like green. Unfortunately her favourite colour is now purple, not pink like I think it was at the time I bought the layer cake. I am pretty sure she will still like this though. I may just add in some purple anyway, I have a few ideas.

Anyhow, the centre is done, and it was supremely fast, since no cutting was required and there are just 28 squares. The most time consuming part was getting it to look 'random', but in a way that pleased me. I spent far too long on it and in the end just started sewing so I'd stop changing my mind!

I had different plans to begin with, but on laying out all the squares I decided that they didn't need to be cut up, they were just fine as big, bold patches. Now, borders and perhaps a bit of applique, and then another quilt top will be done. Just need to choose and then buy some border fabric.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Cups and Saucers

I did another couple of Farmers Wife Sampler blocks on the weekend. Each one was done over a couple of days. It's kind of nice doing it that way because all the cutting is over and done with on one day, and then there's just a little bit of sewing to get a finished block the next day.

Anyhow, today we have Block 25, Cups & Saucers:

Soft and pretty, I think. This went together quite well, just one seam where the points didn't match, but that was soon unpicked and redone.

This is Block 90, Storm Signal:

Somewhat bolder in colour, huh? The points that don't meet nicely on this may require me to redo those particular parts. We shall see. I am trying to be less fussy - it won't be going to a show, will just end up on my bed, but I really am a bit of a perfectionist so they will probably bug me. :(

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Friendship Star

Another Farmers Wife block done on Sunday, Friendship Star:

I love the blue and yellow together.

I went out of order again to do a quick one. This was definitely quick, only 13 pieces.