Sunday, 10 June 2012

Big, and Little.

The mini Farmers Wife Sampler blocks are very addictive, but I have still managed to do some big ones. Here we have Cut Glass Dish:

Friendship (I pinched my fabric choices from Suzitee's block, here):

And Spool:

I also did another couple of minis, just because they're cute. They are Calico Puzzle:

And Spool:

I feel a bit odd about using a different fabric for the mini spool, and not sticking with the Rose Parade. My little scraps will not do all the mini blocks I have planned though, so I had to branch out to other scraps. I keep the tiniest little oddments of fabric, and since these little blocks sometimes use pieces as small as 3/4 inches square, the tiny scraps are well worth saving.

1 comment:

suzitee said...

I'm thrilled to see that you haven't neglected the "big" blocks totally...although at 6 1/2 inches I don't consider them at all big :) The tiny ones are so so cute...what are you planning to make with them?
I keep all my scraps too...which could explain why there is no room for anything else at the moment!