Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Project Life Commences - Week 1

Helllo, long time no blog! I am going to be a bit wordy here, so be warned. ;)

I finished 2012 as I do a lot of years, struggling to think of what I had achieved over the previous 12 months. I couldn't think of a lot really, and as a solution to this problem (for surely I have done more than I thought) my friend Susan suggested, or rather insisted, that I should start doing Project Life.

And because we should always take the advice of our intelligent and insightful friends, I did! Instead of using the kits and page protectors and so forth that are available, I decided to do mine in a very no-frills way in my 'Scrapbook', an A4 size, hard cover notebook, properly bound with pages tied together, not just glued into the spine. I have had this book on the go since November 2000, filling it with everything from photos and letters to chocolate wrappers and movie tickets. It went overseas with me. I also put some thoughts in it which are quite amusing and slightly embarrassing to read back on. I stopped doing anything in it in 2008.

So, what better place to document the everyday and get all those blank pages filled? I have not done much at all in the way of embellishment, and it went quite quickly. I don't know what I was thinking with that bit of colour in the bottom right, but it's there now, so she'll be jake.

You can click on the picture if you'd like to read the words. It should come up big enough.

Because I am still in awe over those ice crystals I mention in the bottom right, here is a bigger picture so you can see. Aren't they amazing? Unfortunately it was so hot that the hexagon stack started to keel over through melting by the time I took the photo. Aren't the partial hexagons cool too? (No pun intended)

Well, there it is. My first week of Project Life. Already I am looking at things differently, and keeping a journal every day so I don't forget anything. I have always admired Susan's Project Life pages, and thought of how I'd love to do PL myself. I always thought I just wouldn't have enough to put in it though. Now I realise that they don't have to be 'important', or even particularly interesting or unusual things - it's about life. Life is made up of so many small details that really, we should never run out of things to document. And since it's being documented for me, not anyone else, there's no pressure.

Bye for now :)

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suzitee said...

Hope, I can't even begin to describe how great this is. THIS is scrapbooking, in it's purest and most wonderful form...words, pictures, snippets of life. It is SO inspiring and wonderful and everyday and perfect. Well done you!