Monday, 8 July 2013

Back Again - with Star Gardener

I'm back! Back after an extended period of no blogging and no sewing. I had a hand operation in May, a month earlier than I was scheduled to have it, on my right (dominant) hand. Consequently I had to resist using it for a long while. It is almost back to normal - well, almost almost - so I am happily back into my sewing.

Among other things, I've sewn a Farmers Wife Sampler Quilt block. This is block 87, Star Gardener.

I have mainly been sewing rectangles to rectangles lately, so it was really fun to do something a bit more intricate. The cutting took me a long time, but the block went together quite quickly. There are a couple of points I'm itching to re-do, but I'm letting it sit for a bit to see how I feel about it later.

I was planning to do the centre square in the same fabric as the star points, but I cut it too small and didn't have enough left to re-cut. So, after trialling a few different options, I ended up with a rose centre.

Of course, having done this block I'm dying to more. They will have to wait for another weekend though.

Bye for now x


laurajane said...

It's a beautiful block,
I love the rose in the middle.x

Noela said...

Gorgeous Block> Hugs.....

suzitee said...

I think the rose looks great! So good to see you back in blogland ;)

dawn said...

Hi Hope, thought I would stop and visit. Love seeing your quilt here, I really like the rose, looks pretty to me.
So glad you could finally use your hand again and make your quilts.

Peeked at the card below, so cool that you make them for your mum. Turned out super cute!

Nice to see you blogging again.