Friday, 21 February 2014


Goodness, what a lot of time has passed since I blogged. I've been super busy, but have managed to do another Farmer's Wife Sampler block. It's block 47, Homemaker:

This block has inset seams, or 'Y' seams... Now this doesn't normally worry me. The first quilt I ever made had inset seams, by my own design too. I must admit to having some trouble with this block though. I started sewing it as per the directions in the book (as I understood them), but that wasn't working for me, so I unpicked it and did it differently. 

I left the corner units assembled, but without the blue floral triangles attached. I attached those to the centre square first, then attached the corner units. It worked beautifully and the block lies perfectly flat. You can see how I ironed the seams below:  

I will tidy up all those threads before I put the quilt together :)

Something I like to try to do when sewing quilt blocks is have the fabric grain running in the same direction for each piece, or at least at right-angles. I drew the grain-line on the templates before cutting the pieces out so I could line them up appropriately.

One thing I didn't do though is sew my usual scant quarter inch, so it's a teensy bit smaller than it should be. Not enough to worry about though thank goodness, I'll just take it into account when I assemble the quilt.

As for what's been keeping me busy... I'm doing a course in Small Business Management. It's very full-on, with a recommended 60 hours for each module, one module a week! Assessments at the end of each week too... It's all going well though and I only have a few weeks left. Then, there will be a LOT more sewing happening. ;)

Bye for now x